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Tuesday, 10 August 2010 11:31

Day 2 - MvsK Food Tour: Seattle Featured

Written by John
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Seattle, WA Seattle, WA TalinBee

Day 2 of the Seattle Food Review

Breakfast: Uptown Espresso
Lunch: Serious Pie
Dinner: Dick's Drive-In
Late Night Snack: Pagliacci Pizza



Uptown Espresso

Uptown Espresso
525 Queen Anne Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109
(206) 285-3757

Uptown Espresso is the "Home of the Velvet Foam". Believe it or not that statement is trademarked by them. They have 7 locations in Seattle and the one we visited was a few steps from our hotel in Queen Anne. Walking in I noticed they have 2 separate coffee bars to serve their customers in a jiffy. The barista brewing our drinks was very nice and helpful. Since I pretty much never drink coffee, I ordered a Mocha Latte with whip cream. Don't expect a review of the coffee from me because I hate hot beverages, but when in Rome... Aside from the coffee, I ordered a chocolate croissant and my wife had the hazelnut croissant. Neither were very flavorful, I kept yearning for more chocolate in my croissant and the hazelnut croissant was also lacking a bit of a creamy texture. If your in the area, go for the coffee not the bakery

Uptown Espresso Chocolate CroissantChocolate Croissant

Hazelnut CroissantHazelnut Croissant



Serious Pie

Serious Pie
316 Virginia
Seattle, WA 98121
(206) 838-7388

Serious Pie is another creation of Tom Douglas, the same guy that owns Lola from Day 1 of our trip. Serious Pie uses a 600°F applewood burning stone oven to bake their thin crusty pizzas. We ordered three different pies which were the buffalo mozzarella, san marzano tomato; roasted mushrooms, truffle cheese; and the wild boar sausage, walla walla onions, rustico black pepper. Each had its unique flavors and used the highest quality of ingredients. Each pie is drizzled with extra virgin olive oil before being served and the quality of oil made the pizza that much better. While the unique flavors were delicious, I prefer my pizza to be simple. My favorite of the three we tried was the buffalo mozzarella, san marzano tomato. This was simply a delicious margherita pizza. Serious Pie is a must eat when in Seattle, just the crust alone would satisfy anyone.

Buffalo Mozzarella, San Marzano Tomato Pizza Buffalo Mozzarella, San Marzano Tomato
Roasted Mushrooms, Truffle Cheese Pizza Roasted Mushrooms, Truffle Cheese
Wild Boar Sausage, Walla Walla Onions, Rustico Black Pepper Pizza Wild Boar Sausage, Walla Walla Onions, Rustico Black Pepper




Dick's Drive-In
500 Queen Anne Ave. N.
Seattle, WA 98109
(206) 285-5155

Dick's Drive-In for Seattle is similar to the In-N-Out of California, the White Castle of the Mid-West, and the McDonald's of the Universe. Your not missing much by not visiting the place but you go for the experience factor. So that's what we did, we ate Dick's for the experience. We each had a Dick's Deluxe Combo. The first thing I hated about this place is that they charge you 5 cents for each ketchup, mustard, or tartar sauce. I could care less about the cost of these items but the principle behind nickle-and-diming you is annoying. The burger was somewhat flavorless and the fries were limp. Consider this place a waste of an appetite. But in the end you can go on with your life telling everyone you've ate Dick's before.

Dick's Deluxe Burger Dick's Deluxe Burger


Late Night Snack

Pagliacci Pizza

Pagliacci Pizza
426 Broadway Ave. E.
Seattle, WA 98102
(206) 726-1717

While strolling down Broadway Ave we walked by Pagliacci Pizza and the smell was too inviting to walk away. We stopped in to share a couple slices of Italian Sausage with Canadian Bacon and their Pesto Primo, which is olive oil and fresh garlic sauce topped with fontina, mozzarella and ricotta cheeses, imported peppers and basil pesto. My advice get a couple Pesto Primos and your good to go. A little tip would be also to spread the pesto and riccotta cheese to cover the whole slice. It was a good pizza and the great part is that they have them all over Washington.

Italian Sausage with Canadian Bacon and the Pesto Primo Italian Sausage with Canadian Bacon and the Pesto Primo


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